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CSIIP is a year-round program with no application deadline.

Application Information Form

A non-degree seeking technology track is included in the Commonwealth STEM Industry Internship Program. (e.g., Advanced Manufacturing trades, Mechatronics, Cybersecurity and Aviation Maintenance).

To Participate in CSIIP, a student must:
  • Be a U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident.
  • Be majoring in a STEM (science, technology, engineering or mathematics) field. Note: Technology may include technical trades. Mathematics may include accounting and finance.
  • Be at least 18 years of age and attending a Virginia university, college, community college, trade or career school, manufacturing/industry or cybersecurity certification program, or a Virginia resident attending an accredited out-of-state college.
  • Have a GPA of at least 2.7 on a 4.0 scale
  • For Degree Seeking Students: Have completed at least 30 or more post-secondary education credits and are at least a rising sophomore prior to the internship. Seniors graduating at the end of the spring semester are also eligible to participate.
  • For Non-Degree Seeking Students: Must be enrolled in or recently completed an accredited STEM trade or career school, or certification program, specifically in mechatronics, cybersecurity or aviation maintenance.
Each company will make its selections from the applicant pool based on its own criteria and will contact students directly for any interviews and to make offers. If selected, students will work for the time period specified by the employing company (typically 10 - 12 weeks), and will be hired directly by the employer.

Note: Exiting military and veterans are encouraged to apply. Exceptions to the eligibility requirements may be made on a case-by-case basis.
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Educational Information
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Discipline of Study: Select the broad discipline area for your field of study first. The "Majors" box will then be populated accordingly. Then select your major. If you can't find your major, please notify the VSGC at
Please choose the major that most closely matches your major. If you feel that none of these closely match your major please email VSGC.
Double Major/Minor:
GPA: on a 4 point scale (including most recent term)
Non-Degree Technical Certification Program with no GPA
Resume: Note: Resumes should include the student's contact information, as well as information addressing internship objectives, education, employment history, relevant skills and abilities, STEM programs and experiential activities in which they have participated, volunteer activities, honors received (scholarships and other awards), and references. There are many resume writing resources on the Internet. A list of resources is available under the "Students" tab of the CSIIP website.
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Educational History: List the colleges and universities that you have attended beginning with the institution you are currently attending. Other than your current institution, only list colleges and universities where you have completed 10 or more credit hours. Please upload a PDF version of your most recent transcript. Submitted transcripts may be unofficial. If you are selected to receive the award, official transcripts will be required for verification. If you do not have a PDF conversion tool you can use one of these free on-line PDF converters: PDF Online - PDF Converter.

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One reference letter should be a faculty member and the other can be a faculty member or previous employer.
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Once you have submitted your application, both of these individuals will automatically received an email requesting their supporting material. Your application will not be complete until this information has been received. Please inform both of these individuals that they will receive an email request from for this information on your behalf. While the reference will receive an email reminder, it is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that required references are submitted.

Preferred Employers (optional)
If you have an employer preference, you may enter that information here. You may select up to 5 companies when you initially submit your application and then you may select up to 3 additional companies each month during the application cycle. Whether this data is entered or not, all registered companies can still view your application.
Students are encouraged to revisit this site periodically to see the growing list of internships offered. Many companies have signed up for CSIIP and the process is ongoing with companies being added daily.  
1901 Group
Accelerated Development & Support Corp
Access VR
Adaptive Aerospace Group, Inc.
ADTEK Engineers, Inc.
Advanced Aircraft Company
Advanced Technology Systems Company
Aerojet Rocketdyne
Aerospace Innovations, LLC
Aery Aviation
Air, Land & Sea Heavy Equipment Services
Alantic CommTech Corporation
Alleghany Highlands Economic Development Corporation
Allied Logistics
Amadas Coach
American National Bank & Trust Company
American National Bank & Trust Company
Analytical Mechanics Associates, Inc. (AMA)
Andromeda Systems Incorporated (ASI)
Apex Systems
APM Services, LLC
Applied Research Associates
Applied Sciences & Information Systems, Inc.
Arkema Inc., Sartomer BU
ARKS Enterprises, Inc.
AS&M, Inc.
Atkinson Aeronautics & Technology
Aurora Flight Sciences
Aurora Foundation
Austin Brockenbrough & Associates, LLP
authentic. (formerly AuthX)
Automation Creations, Inc.
BAE Systems, Inc
Bamforth Engineers + Surveyors, Inc.
Bassett Furniture
Bauer Compressors, Inc.
Bihrle Applied Research Inc.
Binera, Inc
Bingham and Taylor
Bravo Consulting Group, LLC
Bravo Consulting Group, LLC
Bristol Compressors International Inc.
Busch Vacuum Solutions USA
C&F Bank
Canon Virginia, Inc.
Casper Drones
CaterNow, LLC
Center for Innovation & Development
Center for Innovative Technology
Center for Space Science and Engineering
Chainable Corp
Chenega Professional & Technical Services, LLC
City of Newport News
Clark Nexsen, Architecture & Engineering
Cleantech Analytics LLC
CMA CGM (America) LLC
Colonial Williamsburg Foundation
Commonwealth Center for Advanced Manufacturing (CCAM)
Continental Automotive Systems, Inc.
Coronet Technology Enterprises, Inc.
County of Albemarle, VA IT Dept.
County of Henrico
County of York
Coveros, Inc.
Cowden Technologies, Inc.
Cubic Aerospace
Cybel, LLC
Cyber Research and Intelligent Solutions Provider (CRISP)
CyberData Technologies
Cybrex LLC
DanChem Technologies Inc.
Delta Airport Consultants, Inc.
Delta Airport Consultants, Inc.
Devout Inc.
Dollar Tree
Dominion Energy
Dominion Enterprises
Draper Aden Associates
Dynamic Aviation
Dynamic Aviation
Eagle Aviation Technologies, LLC
EAI Technologieis
eAviation & Drone Academy, LLC
eBay enterprise
EFlashApps, LLC
Electra aero
Elizabeth River Crossings
ept, inc.
Essel Propack America, LLC
Euro-Composites Corporation
Evonik Industries
Express Drone Parts LLC
Federal Reserve information Technology
FeedBack Enterprise, LLC
Flex Technology Inc
Flying Ship Technologies, Corp.
FoxGuard Solutions, Inc.
Franklin Federal Savings Bank
Freddie Mac
Free To Fly Foundation
FreightCar America
Fugro Atlantic
G2 Ops, Inc.
General Dynamics Information Technology, Inc.
General Dynamics IT
GeneSiC Semiconductor Inc.
Genex Systems (NASA LaRC GIS Team)
Global Technical Systems (GTS)
Great Victory Legends, Inc.
Grey Gecko, LLC
Hamilton Beach Brands, Inc
Hampton Roads Sanitation DIstrict
Harold A. Logan Associates, P.C.
Harris RF Communications
HawkEye 360
HawkEye 360, Inc.
Haystack Solutions
HD Web Studio
HDT Global
HemoShear, LLC
Highground Services, Inc.
Hollister Incorporated
Hooker Furniture Corp.
Immerge Technologies
Infrastructure Consulting and Engineering, PLLC
InMotion Hosting
Institute for Advanced Learning and Research
Integrative Centers for Science and Medicine
IntegrityPro Consulting
Intertape Polymer Group
Ivy Tools
Jacobs Engineering
Jenlyn Solutions
Kinsail Corporation
Landtech Resources, Inc.
Legerity LLC
Liebherr USA, Co. & Liebherr Mining & Equipment Newport News Co.
LJT & Associates, Inc.
Marstel-Day, LLC
McDarmont Web Design, Inc.
Medentum Innovations Inc.
MI Technical Solutions
Micronic Technologies
Midland GSS JV
Modern technology solutions Inc
mPortal Inc
National Radio Astronomy Observatory
National Radio Astronomy Observatory
New College Institute
New Horizons Regional Education Center
Newport News Shipbuilding
Nisga'a Data Systems
Noblis Inc.
Norfolk Southern
NS8 Inc.
Oceaneering International, Inc.
Old Dominion Technology Applications Center
Old Dominion University
Old Dominion University
Old Dominion University
Open Roads Consulting, Inc.
Orbital Sciences Corporation
Packet Forensics
Peregrine Technical Solutions, LLC
Piedmont Airlines
Plasser American
Port of Virginia
Progeny Systems
Project Support Services, Inc.
Qito Technology Laboratories, LLC
Reed Integration, Inc.
RFK Solutionz, Corporation
Rocket Pop Media
Rockwell Collins
RPI Group, Inc.
RTI International Metals, Inc.
RTI International Metals, Inc.
Sabree Software Services, Inc.
Salient Federal Solutions, Inc.
Science Systems and Applications, Inc.
Second Look LLC
Sedaro Corporation
Sedaro Technologies
Sentara Healthcare
Sentara Healthcare
Sentara Healthcare
Sentara Healthcare
Sentara Healthcare
Sentara Healthcare
Sentinel Robotic Solutions
Sera-Brynn, LLC
Shenandoah Growers, Inc.
Shenandoah Valley Productions LLC
Sierra Lobo, Inc.
SimIS Inc
SimIS, Inc.
Socra Studios, Inc
Solex Architecture, Inc.
Southern States
Southern Virginia Higher Education Center
SpaceQuest Ltd
SpaceQuest, Ltd.
Sparq Global LLC
Spatial Integrated Systems
Steel Fab
Stinger Ghaffarian Technologies Inc.
Super Systems Inc (SSi)
SW Funk Industrial Contractors, Inc.
TE Connectivity
TechLab, Inc.
Tetra Tech
The Anderson Company
The Drone Co. - RVA
The Harvest Foundation
The Longbow Group LLC
The Nature Conservancy (Virginia Chapter)
The Port of Virginia
The Web Development Group
The Wendell Scott Foundation
Thomas Nelson Workforce Development - Future IT/ Cyber Leadership Internship Program
Thompson & Litton
Trader Interactive
TriSept Corporation
True North Group
TruWeather Solutions Inc.
TURF Insight, LLC.
Tuskegee Airmen Inc. - Tidewater Chapter
Tyson Foods, Inc
Unanet Technologies
Universal Laboratories
Universal Solutions International
VA Air & Space Center
Vertical Flight Society
ViGYAN, Inc.
Virginia Aviation Business Association
Virginia Department of Transportation
Virginia Information Technologies Agency
Virginia Mirror Company
Virginia Museum of Natural History
Virginia Space Grant Consortium
Virginia STEAM Academy
Virginia Tech Division of IT
Virginia Tech Intellectual Property, Inc.
Volvo Penta
VPT Incorporated
Wallace Montgomery
WDM USA Limited
Wendell Scott Foundation
Wildlife Center of Virginia
Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium
Wise County & City of Norton Circuit Court Clerk's Office
WorldView Solutions
WR Systems
Yokohama Tire Manufacturing VA
Zekiah Technologies
Zestron Corp
Terms Available: Please select each term in which you would be willing to consider an internship position.
Would you be willing to relocate to obtain an internship experience? Yes     No
CSIIP Special Projects Interest: Please check if you are interested in the INNOVATE Cyber Program. Learn more about the Innovate Cyber program here
Please check if you are interested in a cyber-related internship with Commonwealth Cyber Initiative Internships.
Please check if you are interested in an aviation/aerospace related internship.

Supplemental Information
Can you speak, read, or write a language other than English? If yes, please list below and indicate proficiency. Yes     No
Language: Proficiency:
Language: Proficiency:
Have your previously applied to the Commonwealth STEM Industry Internship Program? Yes     No
How did you hear about Commonwealth STEM Industry Internship Program?
Computer Skills: Please list your specific computer hardware & software skills: i.e.-MATLAB plus your level of proficiency
(200 words or less)
Additional Skills: Please list any additional certifications or licenses obtained including but not limited to advanced manufacturing areas.
(200 words or less)
Essay: Please provide an essay that includes a self-introduction, statement of academic and career goals, STEM related programs and experiences, previous work history and other pertinent data.
(500 words or less)
Please list your relevant work, research, internship (including Virginia Space Grant Consortium and NASA programs), and co-op experience.
Company/University Short Description Location Inclusive Dates

Demographic Information
This data is for VSGC program impact reporting purposes only and will not be shared with potential employers.

Submission of this information is voluntary. It will not be used for selection purposes.
Gender: Male Female Prefer not to disclose
Are you the first family member to attend college?
Are you a veteran of the United States armed forces?

I certify that all information contained in this application and the attached documents is accurate to the best of my knowledge.
If selected for an internship, I agree to fully participate in the CSIIP evaluation process by completing surveys and providing information that can improve the program. I will receive annual surveys for longitudinal track to my next academic or career step.
If selected for an internship, I understand that I will be employed by the hiring company and the wages or stipend for my internship be paid directly by the company. I agree to act in an ethical and professional manner, and agree to abide by any company polices or procedures associated with any company that hires me for an internship.
I also agree to hold the VSGC harmless for any outcome associated with use of this website or in participating in any internship associated with this program.
Please Note: This is a sample application for viewing purposes only. To apply to this program please visit the application "New User Registration" page and register with the system.