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Sponsor: John and Jane Mather Foundation for Science and the Arts

Program: John Mather Nobel Scholar

Thank you for agreeing to provide a mentor assessment on behalf of Sample Applicant's John Mather Nobel Scholar application. Your mentor assessment is due by Sunday, July 9, 2023.

Recipients of the John Mather Nobel Scholar award will receive a travel allowance towards the cost of presenting research papers at professional conferences.

The objective of the John Mather Nobel Scholars (JMNS) Program is to award it to eligible GSFC interns who think highly of Goddard and would love nothing more than to eventually work at Goddard. So we ask you as the intern's mentor to consider this objective as you complete this assessment. We also ask that mentors whose intern is awarded this scholarship consider supporting them for a future GSFC internship or fellowship each subsequent year while completing their academic degrees, and further towards hiring.

For additional information about this program please visit the program website.

All mentor assessments are confidential. Applicants will not see any comments or rankings disclosed within the support forms. We appreciate and respect your honesty in filling out this form.

Applicant Information
Name:Sample Applicant
Please provide a candid evaluation of the above individual's abilities.

  No Basis for Judgement Below Average Top 25-50% Top 25% Top 10% Top 5% Top 1%
Native Intelligence: Analytical Powers, Rigor of Thought, Critical Facility--Reasoning Ability
Independence of Thought: Originality, Imagination, Creative Intelligence
Effectiveness of Oral Communication
Effectiveness of Written Communication
Industry and Motivation: Persistence, Self-Discipline, Study Techniques
Judgment and Maturity: Common Sense, Conscientiousness

Please assist the judges by giving us your personal assessment of the suitability of your Intern Applicant for the award of a John Mather Nobel Scholarship. In particular, please give us your judgment on the applicant's career interest in NASA GSFC and the space program, knowledge of technical research in the engineering or scientific area, ability to be creative in the various areas of your discipline (engineering or scientific), background and knowledge of technical fields related to his or her area of specialty, leadership, and teamwork abilities. (750 words or less)

Mentor Information
I certify that I am the person represented in this letter of recommendation and that all the information contained herein is complete and true.
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