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Personal Information
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Educational Information
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University: At what New Mexico Space Grant university will you enrolled during the period of this award?
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Educational History:

List the universities that you have attended beginning with the institution you are currently attending. Other than your current institution only list colleges or universities where you earned at least 10 credit hours. Please upload a PDF version of your transcript for each college/university (unofficial transcripts will be accepted.) If you are selected to receive this award, you will be required to submit your official academic transcript for verification. You will also be required to submit your Student Detailed Schedule at the beginning of the awarded semester. If you do not have a PDF conversion tool you can use one of these free on-line PDF converters: PDF Online - PDF Converter.

To ensure that your PDF files may be properly included in your application, please ensure that they are not protected via encryption, a password, a signed certificate, or in any other manner.

College/University Major Degree Last Date Attended GPA
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What is the highest degree you would like to attain in the future?
What would be your probable field of study for this degree?
After completing your studies, where do you plan to work?
Research Advisor
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Once you have submitted your application we will email them instructions on how to submit an on-line letter of recommendation on your behalf. Please inform them that they will be receiving an email from with these instructions. The email may go to their spam/junk folder. Letters of recommendation are due by Monday, April 15, 2024.
Research Project

Describe your research project. Include a description, start and end dates, intended results. Describe the role of your faculty mentor for the project. Faculty relationships are important in developing your research strengths.
(300 words or less)

Identify which NASA Mission Directorate/s and project or research program that is related to your research. Describe how your research is related to a NASA project, or research program. This is the most important part of your application, make sure your project demonstrates a clear, specific description of how what you want to do relates to a NASA Directorate program or need.
(300 words or less)

Describe your research interests in space, Earth and/or aerospace-related science. This interest is the start of a research journey. Your project is a way to learn more about yourself as a researcher and your interests in NASA.
(300 words or less)

Describe any relevant work or co-op experience, academic awards, and/or honors.
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List and all past or present financial aid (scholarships, grants, loans, etc.)
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Optional Information
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Gender: Male Female Do not wish to report

Person With Disability:Yes No Do not wish to report
Veteran:Have you served in the United States military? Yes No
First Generation:Are you a first-generation college student? Yes No
Other Requirements
  • Scholars are required to present their results at the annual Student Research Colloquium or submit a one page written summary of their research results to the Space Grant program office.
  • Space Grant Scholars are required to complete up to 10 hours of services as part of their scholarship. (This includes volunteering at NMSGC sponsored events)

Obligation to the Government:

Students receiving support and aid under a NASA training grant do not incur any formal obligation to the Government of the United States. However, one objective of this program will be served if the students who participate in this program continue to direct their careers toward science and engineering so that they become part of the pool from which NASA draws its workforce in the future.


I am a citizen of the United States of America

If awarded, I agree to release my contact information to the NMSGC Alumni Association and to allow them to contact me.

If awarded, I agree to annually update the NMSGC program office of my progress from award through first employment.

The above statements are true and correct and I give my consent to allow the information provided to be reviewed by the awards panel. I also give my consent to have all information given verified and released to NASA. If awarded, I will notify the New Mexico Space Grant Consortium if I fail to maintain eligibility during the semester(s) in which I am an award recipient. I will maintain annual contact with the New Mexico Space Grant Consortium from award to initial employment.

Please Note: This is a sample application for viewing purposes only. This application cycle is currently closed.