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Educational History: List the colleges and/or universities from which you have completed at least 10 credits. For each organization please upload an unofficial transcript or a PDF statement of your STEM courses that you took and the grade. Also, indicate if there is anything else you want us to know about your GPA. If you do not have a PDF conversion tool you can use one of these free on-line PDF converters: PDF Online - PDF Converter.

To ensure that your PDF files may be properly included in your application, please ensure that they are not protected via encryption, a password, a signed certificate, or in any other manner.
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GPA Note: Is anything else you want us to know about your GPA. For example, "My GPA suffered when I had to take online classes during COVID but my recent GPA is above a 3.0."
Educational Goals:
After completing your studies, where do you plan to work?
Are you currently a member of any STEM related student organization such as WV SPOT, S.P.A.C.E, AIAA, etc? Yes    No
   If yes, please list the organizations.
Research Advisor Endorsement & Evaluation
An endorsement and evaluation by your research advisor is required in support of your application. List the name, title, email and phone number of your research advisor. Once you have submitted your application, we will email the instructions for submitting an on-line endorsement and evaluation on your behalf. Please inform your research advisor that they will be receiving an email from with these instructions. Your endorsement and evaluation is due by close of business on Tuesday, September 26, 2023.
Research Project
Project Title:
Project Description: Please upload a summary of the research project that you will be conducting. This description should include but is not limited to a description of the research, whether it is a new or continuing project, and significance and/or uniqueness of the research, and budget. The amount awarded varies for each institution. Please contact your institution's representative to inquire about the amount of these fellowships. If you are not a WVU applicant and the anticipated budget exceeds $3,000, please include a budget. If the research is a team project, applicants must clearly indicate the tasks to be completed by each team member(s) and list their work percentage on the project. Submissions should be no more than two (2) single-spaced pages in font size 12, one inch margins and Times New Roman font. The deadline for submission is Monday, September 25, 2023.
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Type of Project:
NASA Alignment: To which NASA Mission Directorate is your research project most aligned? The full list of NASA Mission Directorates and Center Alignment can be found here.
NASA Budget Request:
Endorsement: My Research Advisor, as specified above, has read and endorsed this research project description and has agreed to advise me as I conduct this work.
Other Items
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Have you previously received funding from West Virginia Space Grant Consortium?  Yes   No  
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I am a citizen of the United States of America.
I am or will be a full-time undergraduate student during the period of the award.
If awarded, I agree to provide West Virginia Space Grant Consortium: (1) an end-of-year report detailing my activities and accomplishments during the period of the Fellowship, including publications, research, and meetings attended; and (2) information about my studies and/or employment on request beyond the term of the award. This is part of a NASA requirement to track the long range effectiveness of the scholarship program.
I certify that all of the information contained in this application is complete and correct and that I meet all of the eligibility requirements stated in this application.
Please Note: This is a sample application for viewing purposes only. This application cycle is currently closed.