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With this Graduate Fellowship application, you will need to upload a three-page project description, identify and align project with MDs, attach a statement about your STEM courses, submit a short (600 word) essay, provide a budget with how the cost share will covered, and attach your one-page resume.
Personal Information
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College/University: What West Virginia Space Grant university are you currently attending?
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Expected Date of Graduation:
Student ID:
Educational History: List the colleges and/or universities from which you have completed at least 10 credits. For each organization please upload an unofficial transcript or a PDF statement of your STEM courses that you took and the grade. Also, indicate if there is anything else you want us to know about your GPA. Note that if you are within your first 1-2 years of graduate school, please include your overall undergraduate GPA here.

If you do not have a PDF conversion tool you can use one of these free on-line PDF converters: PDF Online - PDF Converter.

To ensure that your PDF files may be properly included in your application, please ensure that they are not protected via encryption, a password, a signed certificate, or in any other manner.
College/University Credits GPA
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STEM Statement
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Letter of Recommendation and Endorsement by Research Advisor
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Once you have submitted your application we will email your advisor instructions on how to submit an on-line letter of recommendation on your behalf. Please inform them that they will be receiving an email from with these instructions. Letters of recommendation are due by Thursday, March 7, 2024.
Research Project
Project Title:
Mission Directorate Alignment:
NASA Budget Request: $
Cost Share: $
List source of cost share funding:
Project Description: Please upload a well-written (easy to understand, with no grammatical or spelling errors) maximum three-page summary of the research plan in your own words, including a statement of the problem, methodology, significance, expected results, detailed budget, as well as note how the cost share will be covered, and proposed timeline. References and appendices (if any) do not count towards the three-page limit. The document must be in PDF format and single-spaced using Times New Roman (TNR) font size 12, 1" margin on all sides. This research plan must be reviewed and approved by the applicant's faculty mentor. Please be aware that reviewers of the proposal may not be experts within your field of study, and the proposal should be written accordingly. Proposals should be written with minimal use of jargon. Mentors may provide editorial and revision assistance for student proposals, but they must be primarily the work of student applicants. A letter of support from the faculty mentor is to be submitted separately from the student application. Additional details can be found on the program page.
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Other Items and Essay
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Essay: In 600 words or less please address the following items.
  • Applicant's research experience and career interests
  • Applicant's plans for sharing research findings through participation in a professional conference and/or publication
  • Acknowledgement of prior WVSGC funding and brief description of previous projects funded
  • List of extracurricular activities, leadership experiences and accomplishments, and academic achievements
  • Description of relationship of proposed project to NASA area's of research
Optional Information
for reporting purposes only
Gender: Male Female Non-Binary Do not wish to report

US Veteran: Have you ever served in the US armed services? Yes No
Person With Disability: Yes No I don't wish to report
I am a citizen of the United States of America.
I am or will be a full-time graduate student during the period of the award.
If awarded, I agree to provide West Virginia Space Grant Consortium: (1) an end-of-year report detailing my activities and accomplishments during the period of the Fellowship, including publications, research, and meetings attended; and (2) information about my studies and/or employment on request beyond the term of the award. (This is part of a NASA requirement to track the long-range effectiveness of the scholarship program.)
I certify that all of the information contained in this application is complete and correct and that I meet all of the eligibility requirements stated in this application.
Please Note: This is a sample application for viewing purposes only. To apply to this program please visit the application "New User Registration" page and register with the system.