Internship Information
Organization:SimIS, Inc.
Internship Title:Agent Based Modeler
Brief Internship Description:
Agent-based modeling is one of the four paradigms used in modeling and simulation (M&S). In general, M&S is used to numerically evaluate complex systems and its behavior under a variety of constraints, many of them not possible to evaluate in real world experiments, because they were too costly, too dangerous, are not accessible.
Full Internship Description:
As one of our interns, you will be pivotal to this workshop. You will help to design the course and its curriculum, you will program a framework that high school students will take, and you will teach and support practical exercises, in particular
•	You will spend one week conceptualizing the course, based on the ideas captured in Chapter 7 of the Textbook “Modeling and Simulation for High School Students” (,-Problems,-and-Lesson-Plans/r10/section/7.0/)
•	You will spend two weeks to implement a framework in NetLogo. This framework will help students to learn the ideas you identified in week one and to conduct practical exercises. The framework will consist of a situated environment and several agent-stubs that students have to complete in their assignments. Knowing NetLogo is essential (
•	You will be teaching assistant in the fourth week. The students will have classroom style lectures in the morning and practical exercises in the afternoon. All assignments lead to a tournament of the agents on the last day of the workshop, where agents have to compete in the virtual environment. You will support all three phases: classroom teaching, practical exercise coaching, and judges in the final competition.
Internship Address: 200 High Street
Suite 305
Portsmouth, VA 23704 - 0000
Telecommute Option:No
Hours per week:15
Length (weeks):10
Internship ID:04600214