Internship Information
Organization:Science Systems and Applications, Inc.
Internship Title:Electrical Engineering Intern
Brief Internship Description:
This position will be supporting the NASA Langley Research Center’s Electronic Systems Branch in Electrical, Electronic, and Electro-mechanical (EEE) parts selection, review, and approval effort. The position will provide technical and EEE parts support for ongoing missions and projects.
Full Internship Description:
Provide technical support for existing parts for various heritage and on-going missions as well as new design payloads (such as cube satellite design projects), to include new EEE activities for the selection of new hi-reliability parts for any current electronic assembly, modifications or new designs. Support includes researching EEE parts and compiling information (oral & written) on their use for the intended environment and conducting guided analysis on parts application in designs to mitigate risk associated with the use of those EEE parts. 

Provide associated EEE Parts support by performing duties associated with operational improvements needed in the area of receiving and inspection (R&I) and bonded stores for various projects past, present and forecasting needs for new project requirements in early life cycle phases.  

Provide EEE parts guided analysis and review based on component technical performance, schedule criticality and cost trade-offs. Analysis tasks will include Government-Industry Data Exchange Program (GIDEP) search alerts and recommendations as well as other environmental and quality component issues. Component radiation performance will be reviewed for parts suitability in the various instrument electronics assembly applications. Provide advice on improving such systems to increase their utility in practical applications.

Activities required to assess the proper application of the EEE Parts and demonstrate their effective project implementation. Assistance with EEE parts circuit topology, heritage and best practices will be needed to ensure proper derating and worst case design requirements are made effective. This includes all phases of projects including preliminary design strategy consultation through final proposed designs as required for space flight harsh environments as well as terrestrial projects (i.e. balloon experiments).
Internship Address: 1 NASA Drive

Hampton, VA 23666 - 1365
Telecommute Option:No
Hours per week:20
Length (weeks):10
Internship ID:07400218