Internship Information
Organization:Marstel-Day, LLC
Internship Title:Internship: Administrative/Audio-Visual Support
Brief Internship Description:
Marstel-Day, LLC, an Environmental Consulting and Planning firm, is seeking a highly motivated Audio-Visual Intern with a strong commitment to a conservation ethic and a commitment to use 'green' best management practices in the performance of their work in the Company's Fredericksburg, Virginia office on a range of video editing projects, primarily in support of the company's internal Sharepoint video knowledge base.
Full Internship Description:
The ideal intern candidate should have a strong interest in video post-production.
The selected intern will work under the guidance of the IT Manager and be expected to independently take raw video footage, image stills and audio, and combine them in a professional manner to produce a quality final product to be used on the company's internal Sharepoint site.
In addition to possessing a strong conservation ethic, a successful candidate must:
Have, or be pursuing a Bachelor's or Associate's degree in the fields of communications, information technology, media or video production, broadcast journalism or other similar fields.
Have demonstrated experience in video editing.
Proficiency in Microsoft Office (e.g. Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook).
Possess strong attention-to-detail, initiative, and self-motivation.
Have strong organizational skills
Applicant must:
Be eligible to work in the U.S. (DHS form I-9 must be completed by incumbent and submitted to DHS for verification through federal e-Verify system)
Submit to a criminal and financial background check and be cleared as a condition of any final offer of employment.

Salary and Hours: 
The Internship will be a non-regular, hourly paid position. Compensation will be for a fixed stipend of $1,300 per month based on 20 hours per week (hourly rate equivalent will be $14.77/hr.). Performance of weekly hours will be flexible to accommodate class schedules. The company will consider an internship of less than 20 hours per week depending on the selected candidates' availability and the available work load with the appropriate adjustment to the stipend amount.

Essential Functions Description
The incumbent will normally work in an indoor, climate controlled work station or office, but be frequently required to travel to various other sites and/or offices which may not be climate controlled; to manage and coordinate work by scheduling and undertaking frequent airline, train or vehicle travel. Incumbent will be required to frequently organize and coordinate schedules, analyze and interpret data, engage in fast-moving problem solving, be expected to professionally direct the work of others in stressful situations; communicate quickly and precisely with coworkers and clients, craft written communication including the use of e-mail and other electronic reproduction of words, graphs, and photos. Incumbent will be required to make regular use of and be proficient with computers, telephones, mobile communication devices, copy machines and printers.
Internship Address: 2217 Princess Anne Street, Ste 101-1A

Fredericksburg, VA 22401 - 3350
Telecommute Option:No
Hours per week:20
Length (weeks):12
Internship ID:00300213