Internship Information
Organization:Southern States
Internship Title:ST Intern - Information Systems Intern
Brief Internship Description:
Provide opportunity for learning and engagement in various functional areas within Information Systems including support, training, documentation, operations, and systems development.  Position will serve in various capacities within each functional area of IS to provide a broad scope of training to the intern as a potential stepping stone to a career in Information Systems.
Full Internship Description:

1.	Phase I & VI – General – Partial Weeks:
a.	Assigned to VP, IS for General Overview and Recap
b.	Focus Areas will be a General Understanding of the IS Function at SSC with a Recap at the end of the 10week program
c.	Learning Objectives:
i.	Clear understanding of the goals/objectives of our IS Function at SSC
ii.	Clear understanding of the roles and responsibilities along with expectations from the program
d.	Recap report to VP, IS including observations within each phase, relationship to their coursework, positives/negatives within our group (based on their coursework), as well as “learnings” from their internship.  

2.	Phase II – IS Operations – One Week (Plus Partial Week from Above):
a.	Assigned to IS Computer Services Team 
b.	Focus Areas will be Data Center, Mailing, & Printing Services Work Flow
c.	Learning Objectives:
i.	Gain an understanding of the role and importance of the Data Center actually working with an Operator throughout a shift and understanding Data Center Operations
ii.	Gain an understanding of the critical support functions provided by mailing, printing services, and administrative services functions – programs, criticality, behind the scenes services

3.	Phase III – IS Customer Support Services —Two – Four Weeks:
a.	Assigned to Various IS Support Team members to understand this area.  
b.	Focus Area #1 will be User Support (general) and Connectivity Support/Administration
c.	Learning Objectives:
i.	Understanding of General Support Needs and Interaction with Users
ii.	Understanding and Real-Life Experience in a Customer Service Function
iii.	Hardware Support and Troubleshooting practices
iv.	Internet Service Disruption Diagnosis and Repair
v.	Contractor Scheduling and Coordination
d.	Focus Area #2 will be Training, Documentation, and Communications
e.	Learning Objectives:
i.	Developing Training Plans and Materials
ii.	Understanding of Training and Documentation Tools Utilized in the Enterprise today
iii.	Understanding of Training Strategies & Approaches – In Class vs. Online
iv.	Understanding of Release & Deployment Turnover Processes Relative to Training

4.	Phase IV – Business Continuity, Compliance, and Technical Services
a.	Assigned to Various team members for at least One Day each to discuss the following focus areas:
i.	Security 
ii.	Business Continuity & Compliance 
iii.	Technical Services 

5.	Phase V – Systems & Programming – Three Weeks:
a.	Assigned to Corporate Applications Development Team 
b.	Focus Areas will be Development techniques/flows along with project planning and requirements gathering along with some actual development work
c.	Learning Objectives:
i.	Hands-on experience with HTML coding and working with various toolsets
ii.	Hands-on experience working with users and/or outlining/documenting requirements to prepare for actual development
iii.	Hands-on experience working with project plans, setting priorities, budgets, and external resources

6.	Performs other duties and responsibilities as assigned by VP, IS and Mgr, Systems Development EBusiness.  

SCOPE:  Works within an area that must maintain a good working relationship with over 300 wholesale, 1800 retail, and 500 Central users along with maintaining a good working relationship with each of our dealer locations; supports and responds to questions concerning software and hardware with any of these user groups.  

QUALIFICATIONS: Strong background in utilization of Information Systems in a variety of capacities whether it be in software or hardware or architecture or project management; Must be organized and have strong communication skills; at least 2 years of formal education within either business, project management, or a facet of Information Systems (a focus on education or communications may also be an alternative).

Requires physical strength and dexterity to walk, stand, bend, climb, reach, stoop, twist and lift/carry 50 pounds.  Vision, hearing and speech essential. Hand coordination to use computer. May require a valid driver’s license. While traveling may have contact with hazardous materials and drive/travel and work in adverse weather conditions.
Internship Address: 6606 West Broad St.

Richmond, VA 23230 - 1717
Telecommute Option:No
Hours per week:40
Length (weeks):10
Internship ID:08400113