Internship Information
Organization:BAE Systems, Inc
Internship Title:Technical Intern 2, Job Number 388970
Brief Internship Description:
-- Performing logic, chip, or board design activities and support functions, VLSI design functions, or circuit analysis and design 
-- Overview activities of the business area, assistance to systems engineering, ops, program management, or performance excellence as applicable, general training
Full Internship Description:
Required Skills: 
-- Enrolled in an electrical or computer engineering degree program for at least 3 years
-- Strong basic knowledge of electronics and electronics systems and parts, digital or analog circuits and boards, computer architecture and operation
-- Circuit, logic, or board design experience through class or project work 
Preferred Skills: 
-- VHDL/Verilog programming and simulation
-- Custom circuit simulation and layout
-- Board or circuit card design and analysis
-- VLSI knowledge and experience
Internship Address: 9300 Wellington Road

Manassas, VA 20110 - 4122
Telecommute Option:No
Hours per week:40
Length (weeks):10
Internship ID:04200413