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The following internship positions are available in the region you selected. Note, not all participating companies have added their internship positions yet. In addition, new companies are registering daily. Hence, students are encouraged to revisit this site periodically to see the growing list of internship opportunities in your desired region.
Internship Information
STEM Experience Sought ID Brief Internship Description Location Avaliability Hours/week Length (weeks) Number Available
Spr Sum Fall
Aerospace Technology Researcher
ID: 03900113
This opportunity would be for a student to research and evaluate aerospace technologies using a specialized intellectual property software package
AVRC Charlottesville 20 10 1
AISN Cyber Security
ID: 30600121
Provide both internal and external assistance for information security and application development related work.
AISN Richmond Internship Avaliable for Spr 30 16 2
Application Developer
ID: 03000214
Work on web and mobile application development supporting Kinsail's transaction and payment processing platform for government and commercial clients.
Kinsail Corporation McLean Internship Avaliable for Spr Internship Avaliable for Sum Internship Avaliable for Fall 15 10 2
Application Developer
ID: 21100221
Chainable has several projects that are underway currently, from loyalty and marketing platforms (WythMe) to gaming (Upside Games). We are seeking interns to assist with all aspects of these platforms, including front end development, user interface, back end development, etc.
Chainable Corp Arlington Internship Avaliable for Sum 20 8 6
Assistant Educator/Instructor/ School Term Teacher
ID: 11200114
Provide the intern with hands on experience working with children in enrichment settings, teaching STEM, basic technology,including special needs children. In a fun atmosphere.
Frazier Educational Services, LLC DBA Bricks 4 Kidz Chesapeake Internship Avaliable for Sum 15 10 2
Data Analyst (Modeling and Visualization)
ID: 29900121
WDM USA is posting for an intern or intern-to-permanent position that will focus on database development, data analysis and product development.
WDM USA Limited Henrico Internship Avaliable for Spr Internship Avaliable for Sum 30 20 1
Engineer - Manufacturing, Assembly
ID: 06700213
This position entails working in the Jigs and Fixtures area, assisting in the development and assembly applications for upcoming assembly operations. Engineering appliocations are required to coordinate requirements of the products into the design and developemnt of jigs and fixtures to enable assemblers to accurately duplicate parts and assemblies to close tolerances.
FreightCar America Roanoke 30 10 2
Front End Developer
ID: 24200118
We are looking for a Front-End Web Developer who is motivated to combine the art of design with the art of programming. Responsibilities will include translation of the UI/UX design wireframes to actual code that will produce visual elements of the application. You will work with the UI/UX designer and bridge the gap between graphical design and technical implementation.
NS8 Inc. Reston Internship Avaliable for Spr Internship Avaliable for Sum Internship Avaliable for Fall 40 12 2
Intern in R&D for Product Design & Development
ID: 23200117
R&D CAMEE at the SVHEC is actively involved in digital manufacturing ( CAD/CAM software and CNC hardware) for the purpose of product design & development. The sequential process from design to fabrication of a prototype and/or a manufactured product is fascinating. And, requires broad talent and a comprehensive skill-set. As an intern within R&D CAMEE, an individual will gain experience within this full range of 'making' activity.
Southern Virginia Higher Education Center South Boston Internship Avaliable for Spr Internship Avaliable for Sum Internship Avaliable for Fall 25 10 2
IT / Cybersecurity Internship
ID: 30700121
American National Bank & Trust Company is looking for a skilled college student in the Roanoke Valley interested in pursuing an information technology / cybersecurity internship in the banking industry. This opportunity is designed for an individual interested in getting hands-on experience with technology for a bank that values its employees, customers and communities.
American National Bank & Trust Company Roanoke Internship Avaliable for Sum 40 10 1
Manufacturing Engineer
ID: 06700113
This position will be located in the engineering group, incorporating skills in interpreting drawings, developing bill of materials, improving material flow, etc.
FreightCar America Roanoke 30 10 2
Mobile apps development
ID: 10500113
Internship for computer science student/recent graduate seeking solid experience in developing mobile apps on various platforms. This position will be 20 to 40 hours per week. Student may be able to work from our office location or remotely from home.  There is also opportunity for full-time position based on student's interest and performance during this internship.
EFlashApps, LLC Glen Allen Internship Avaliable for Spr Internship Avaliable for Sum Internship Avaliable for Fall 40 10 1
Mobile Developer + UI / UX
ID: 21100116
Assist in the development and maintenance of our flagship mobile app and associated backend services.  Participate in the design, architecture, development, and operations of a unique, social platform that connects customers and businesses in a mutually rewarding manner.
Chainable Corp Arlington Internship Avaliable for Spr Internship Avaliable for Sum Internship Avaliable for Fall 40 12 4
Software Developer for Decision Support: Fantasy Football
ID: 02900113
Build, improve and support new tools related to fantasy football draft management and draft optimization.
Automation Creations, Inc. Blacksburg Internship Avaliable for Spr Internship Avaliable for Sum 40 15 1
Software Engineer
ID: 01600113
The Circuit Court Clerk's office is seeking a student intern with experience in software engineering.
Wise County & City of Norton Circuit Court Clerk's Office Wise 20 10 1
Space@VT (LAICE)
ID: 13300114
Assist with set-up and testing of the VT ground station to be used in support of LAICE and QB-50 projects.
Hours are variable, but will not exceed 20 hours per week during spring semester.
Program Lead:  Professor G.D. Earle
Immediate Supevisor:  Zach Leffke, VT Hume Center
Center for Space Science and Engineering Blacksburg Internship Avaliable for Spr 15 10 1
Summer Intern
ID: 05000113
The intern will contribute to the planning and implementation of the Academy’s three core functions:

1. To provide an internationally benchmarked, public, residential education for approximately 1000, highly able and STEAM-interested 9th-12th grade Virginia students.
2. To create an intensive, multi-week summer residential academy for 100, highly able and STEAM-interested 6th-8th grade students.
3.  To serve as an incubator/laboratory for integrated STEAM curriculum and pedagogy for students and teachers across the Commonwealth.
Virginia STEAM Academy Suffolk 40 10 1
Summer Internship Program
ID: 27900120
Draper Aden’s internship program is designed to help our valued interns expand their industry knowledge outside of the classroom. The hands-on, real-world experiences that interns encounter during the program enables them to explore potential careers, gain valuable job experience, make key contacts and hopefully peak interest enough for our interns to join the Draper Aden team after graduation.  Please take the opportunity to come grow with us!
Draper Aden Associates Virginia Internship Avaliable for Sum 40 12 20
System Analyst
ID: 22900117
Assist in the development of databases that will be used for the reporting of inventory levels and trends. The intern will be paid $10/hr and be able to travel for free anywhere in the American Airlines Network.
Piedmont Airlines Roanoke Internship Avaliable for Sum 40 12 1
Technology Transfer Intern
ID: 06500113
Virginia Tech Intellectual Properties, Inc. (VTIP) commercializes technologies developed by Virginia Tech researchers and has hundreds of technologies in its portfolio (http://www.vtip.org/availableTech/). We utilize undergraduate interns with strong technical backgrounds to help us assess new technologies invented by VT faculty, protect the related intellectual property, and license those technologies to companies to develop into products and services.
Virginia Tech Intellectual Property, Inc. Blacksburg 40 12 2
User Experience Master
ID: 04800113
We are working on a proprietary algorithm that would help predict the type of travel experience a Greenloons visitor would appeal to. Intern would help to develop and implement this algorithm.
Greenloons Vienna 30 10 1
Web Development Internship
ID: 18100115
McDarmont Web Design located in Danville, Virginia is seeking interns for the 2015. The internships will be offered for up to 8 weeks for up to 20 hours per week.
McDarmont Web Design, Inc. Ringgold Internship Avaliable for Spr Internship Avaliable for Sum Internship Avaliable for Fall 20 8 2
Web/Mobile Software Developer
ID: 02900213
Contribute to one of our ongoing web-based applications or create a mobile app for a major client
Automation Creations, Inc. Blacksburg Internship Avaliable for Sum 40 12 1